Dental Update…

Last time I wrote I was excited because I went through my dentist appointment without having my bridgework removed. My doctor has since acquired the necessary tools to remove my lower bridge, so that was how I spent this Wednesday morning.

I made a quick video about it when I got home tonight. You can see I’m trying really hard to speak clearly. It takes me back to all the times I had surgery or orthodontic work and had to re-learn how to use my mouth. It really sounds like I say “meow” at 2:34.

Tomorrow I go back for a temporary bridge, so perhaps I’ll post an update of myself struggling to speak again tomorrow night!


6 thoughts on “Dental Update…

  1. Hi Heather, once again, I am impr awed with your courage to share what you’ve been through and what you are going through. I was just telling Bill how much I admire you what a wonderful upbeat attitude you have. I’m sure you have downer days to……thanks for sharing!

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  2. You are actually speaking incredibly well, I’m really impressed! I really enjoy your video updates, I hope you’ll do more once in a while. You are such a fantastic person and it’s really cool to see you in a video and not only in words (not that your blogs are bad, of course, because I love those too!)

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      1. I look forward to it! Do you have a YouTube Channel as well or do you upload directly to WordPress? I am making my way to starting a YouTube Channel that coincides with my blog because it is something I’ve really wanted to do for several years.


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