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A Vermont Wedding

On July 1, 2017, my brother John married his longtime love Cara, in a beautiful Vermont wedding. The party began on Friday afternoon, when many of the guests began arriving… Read more A Vermont Wedding


Costa Rica Trip, Day 12 – Barra Honda Caverns

I was out of my mind. I wanted out of that cave so bad. I climbed, shakily, looking up at the pinhole of light that was the exit. I climbed that ladder like you wouldn’t believe, smashing my knees against the rungs and smearing guano all over my arms and chest as I clutched the ladder like my life depended on it.

Costa Rica Trip, Day 11 – Playa Conchal

The water at Playa Conchal is that gorgeous turquoise color everyone imagines when they think of beach resort vacations. I really don’t know how Conchal could be covered with shells and have turquoise water while right next door Brasilito is just regular old sand and regular blue/gray ocean water color.

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