Life Rerouted

“Let’s do a family video chat soon,” Mom wrote in her email. “Let’s pick a time when you can all be available next Sunday.” How lovely, I thought. We haven’t done a group chat with Mom in ages! A moment later, a pang of fear struck me. Something is wrong, my gut warned, We haven’t done a […]

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving, my fellow Americans! We just got back from a hearty Thanksgiving meal at my dad’s house. Kris and Grey came too, so it was a nice little gathering. Of course we prepared too much food, but that’s what it’s all about, isn’t it? I am always grateful for quality time with my loved […]

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September 25th

Today’s date is a significant one for me – it is Gram’s birthday, first and foremost. She would have been 95 today. If she was still alive, the McKelvie clan would have gathered together to celebrate with a nice dinner, and, more importantly, a nice dessert. I suppose we could have gotten together anyway, and […]

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How We Do Black Friday

I hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving, those of you in the U.S. Ours went well, even though I joked the other day about being stressed out about the prep work. Cooking is really not my favorite activity. I like eating, but planning a menu, obtaining all the proper ingredients and assembling them into tasty […]

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Happy (Almost) Thanksgiving! 

Hello! Thanksgiving is two days away and Dave and I are hosting this year. Tomorrow is going to consist of me freaking out, panicking and most likely crying at some point as I prepare the house and the food. But I’m looking forward to it! Looking forward to Thursday, that is. It is my favorite […]

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Back to the Earth, I Feel It

Bonus points to anyone who can identify the song lyrics in the title. It’s been over a week since we had our family camping trip in Vermont, but I wanted to document the experience for myself and all my fans. (Hi Suzanne, Terri and Janet!) This post is going to be mostly pictures, because I took […]

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