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Tag: perspective

Writing off the Past

Lately I have been working on getting rid of stuff that I no longer love, use, or need. Sometimes, the process is exciting and fun. I love getting rid of… Read more Writing off the Past


The What’s Underneath Project – Melanie Gaydos

I recently came across something cool: The What’s Underneath Project. The idea is to get people to talk about their sense of style and how they present themselves as they are slowly removing pieces of clothing (down to their undies). It’s not a sexy striptease, but a removal of layers and defenses. I think the idea is to show that “style” goes deeper than the clothes you wear. I obsessively watched nearly all these videos yesterday and found a lot of them to be really interesting because people had some… Read more The What’s Underneath Project – Melanie Gaydos

Keeping Things In Perspective

The first time I saw the night sky in it’s full glory, I could hardly believe my eyes. Stars sparkled in all colors. The milky way rippled across the dark like a shimmering ribbon. Shooting stars fizzled above the horizon. As my eyes adjusted, I saw that there were more stars than I could ever have imagined, stars beyond stars, multiplied by millions. To infinity and beyond, for sure. My whole family was mesmerized by the night sky.  Every evening we’d pile onto the deck, wrapped in sweatshirts and huddled in… Read more Keeping Things In Perspective

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