Throwback Thursday – Autobiography Part 3

Here is the third and final section of my autobiography (written at 16). See part 1 for the project scope. Adolescence I started middle school in September 1991, scared out of my mind. It wasn't half as bad as I imagined. Sixth grade was interesting. I did a science project with two tiny turtles and … Continue reading Throwback Thursday – Autobiography Part 3

Throwback Thursday – Bonus Edition!

Hi there! So I was going through some of my journals looking for future Throwback Thursday posts (because it's easier than creating new content) and I came across this one from just two years ago. I hope it gives you a chuckle. Tuesday, December 18, 2012 Well, today confirmed what I'd always suspected was true: … Continue reading Throwback Thursday – Bonus Edition!

Throwback Thursday – Autobiography Part 2

Last week I began typing up the autobiography I wrote for my 11th grade developmental psychology class. If you'd like to start at the beginning, check that post out first. This is part 2 of 3. Childhood In first grade I had an awesome teacher named Mrs. Bush. She was the best teacher I've ever had. As … Continue reading Throwback Thursday – Autobiography Part 2

Throwback Thursday – Autobiography of a 16 Year Old Me

In my junior year of high school I took a developmental psychology class and loved it. One of the projects in the class was to compose an autobiography and pay attention to the stages of development throughout our lives.  So here is what I wrote, with a few edits for brevity and privacy. Even with … Continue reading Throwback Thursday – Autobiography of a 16 Year Old Me

Throwback Thursday – Thanksgiving 1991

Happy Thanksgiving!! I hope all of you reading this are having a lovely day with the people you care about most. Here's a little flashback to 1991, when we lived in PA and always had a bunch of people over for Thanksgiving dinners. But I didn't really describe much of that here.  What was I … Continue reading Throwback Thursday – Thanksgiving 1991