Things never quite end up the way I worry that they will.

See my video for a recap of my dentist appointment and my run-in with the law today.

Pardon the bad lighting, bad outfit and bad hair portrayed in this video. This is really just how I roll at home.



2 thoughts on “Never a Dull Moment

  1. Oh, hey! I didn’t read (listen to) this post until after writing my (toooo long! – sorry!) comment on your other post.

    That is great news that your appointment went better than expected. Sounds like you have an excellent tooth guy for this, willing to work with you and help come up with the right solution for your situation. And, yay for no pain!

    Is it bad that I chuckled as you told your tale of traffic torture? I couldn’t help it — just sounded like one big Murphy’s Law moment. But hey, everyone ended up fine but without a fine — so, for that I am happy.



    1. Yes, my new dentist seems great so far. He just called today to have me come in so he can take my lower bridge off on Wednesday. Oh god, here I will go with the nervousness again. Haha. I will just have to try not to get arrested for driving like a moron on my way there.

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