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Uncommon Heather


All my life I've fancied myself an artist. Give me a pencil and I will sketch. Give me clay and I will shape it into something cool.

Now I see that written word is much like working with clay or paint in that I can write, erase and re-write to convey my ideas and feelings, and hopefully, create a work of art.

Meet the Queen

This is our cat, Autumn. Autumn is the queen of our household. We joke that if the house caught fire, Dave would grab Autumn and leave me to fend for… Read more Meet the Queen


7th Grade Gym Class Hell

“Get it! GET IT!” my teammates shout as the gleaming white volleyball hurtles toward me like a meteor. More defensively than athletically, I stick my palm outward to shove the ball away from my face. My face – always the target of flying objects – as if all the surgical trauma wasn’t enough. The ball makes an unsatisfying thwack sound as it makes contact with my hand. Seconds later it hits the floor. Everyone groans. The gym teacher’s whistle blasts piercingly and we rotate. I shuffle into the next spot,… Read more 7th Grade Gym Class Hell

Throwback Thursday: A Cursed Weekend

It was a busy Friday at work. I was the receptionist at a small insurance company – a job I loathed, but was too insecure and full of self-doubt to do anything about it at the time. I’d been ignoring the urge to pee so I could finish distributing the mail and putting people’s used coffee cups into the dishwasher before my boss could find something to nitpick about. When I finally made it to the bathroom, I was surprised that, although I felt like I had to go urgently,… Read more Throwback Thursday: A Cursed Weekend

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