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2017 NFED Family Conference Recap

The 2017 NFED Family Conference has already come and gone – in a flash, it seems. This year it was held in Falls Church, VA, which is right outside of… Read more 2017 NFED Family Conference Recap


Where it all began – The story of my birth.

It was a dark and stormy night… No, just kidding.  It was a sweltering midsummer afternoon when my mother’s contractions began.  My father’s cousins had come over to swim in the pool that day and through the window my mother could hear them laughing and splashing as she lay on the bed.  She would have been out there with them, cooling off from the heat, but she hadn’t felt so good and needed to lie down.  When my father came home from work a couple of hours later, he would… Read more Where it all began – The story of my birth.

Me and EEC – a documentary

The following video is a short documentary about a dear friend of mine. I met Norma MacDonald in 2011 at the NFED Family Conference, which was being held in St. Louis. Norma has EEC, like me. Our symptoms vary slightly, but our experiences are very similar.

Souvenirs You Never Lose

Every once in a while I think of that Goo Goo Dolls song, ‘Name’, which has the line “Scars are souvenirs you never lose The past is never far.” It brings to mind superficial scars, like the crescent shaped scar on my forearm, where our dog Tasha bit me when I tried to take a chicken bone from her. It usually takes a moment or two of deeper thinking before I remember how many scars I have.

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