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Costa Rica Trip, Day 13 – Playa Ocotal

Playa Ocotal was the most interesting beach we visited in Costa Rica. The surf was very strong while we were there, so we didn’t go in the ocean much. The beach… Read more Costa Rica Trip, Day 13 – Playa Ocotal


Costa Rica Trip, Day 12 – Barra Honda Caverns

I was out of my mind. I wanted out of that cave so bad. I climbed, shakily, looking up at the pinhole of light that was the exit. I climbed that ladder like you wouldn’t believe, smashing my knees against the rungs and smearing guano all over my arms and chest as I clutched the ladder like my life depended on it.

Costa Rica Trip, Day 11 – Playa Conchal

The water at Playa Conchal is that gorgeous turquoise color everyone imagines when they think of beach resort vacations. I really don’t know how Conchal could be covered with shells and have turquoise water while right next door Brasilito is just regular old sand and regular blue/gray ocean water color.

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