The What’s Underneath Project – Melanie Gaydos

I recently came across something cool: The What’s Underneath Project. The idea is to get people to talk about their sense of style and how they present themselves as they are slowly removing pieces of clothing (down to their undies). It’s not a sexy striptease, but a removal of layers and defenses. I think the idea is to show that “style” goes deeper than the clothes you wear. I obsessively watched nearly all these videos yesterday and found a lot of them to be really interesting because people had some really profound things to say. Other people, I just wanted to slap because, hello, you look freaking awesome, stop hating yourself. 

Of course the one I really want you to look at is Melanie Gaydos’ video. Melanie is a model and has a form of ectodermal dysplasia. I’ve talked to Melanie a couple of times online, and I was always impressed with her strong sense of self and her ability to push herself out into the public eye. When I was younger I had fantasies of being famous, but seeing as I can’t even go to the grocery store in flip-flops, for fear of people gawking at my feet, I don’t expect I’d handle fame too well. 🙂

Melanie has some incredibly profound things to say in her video. Check it out and be amazed.

I really hope to meet this chick in person someday soon! Rock on, Melanie!

To see her modeling work (warning: lots of nudity), visit  



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