March Motivation

Hey there! It’s been a while since I wrote a current-events post. As usual, I am busy thinking up so many things I want to do and trying to do everything at once and then feeling overwhelmed and rushed and anxious about life. How do you find balance? I constantly feel the need to create […]

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Negative Imprint

Today’s post is probably going to be a mishmash of whatever pops into my mind as I sit here. I’m at a park, watching the bright green grass appear from beneath the melting snow. We got several inches overnight but already the sun has chased away most of it.  I’ve been thinking about taking you, […]

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Thoughts on Hand Transplants 

I’m currently sitting at the Mazda dealership while my car gets it’s 5,000 mile service. It’s crazy that I’ve already driven that many miles, but it adds up quickly when you’re zoom-zooming around New England.    The dealer just walked in after parking that red Miata and said “You could be driving that! You’d fit […]

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Outside the Comfort Zone

October was the busiest month I’ve had, work-wise, in a really long time. Possibly ever. We had two week-long events which required that I (and my team) get to work early, be “on” all day, and then stay out late – really late – to follow everything through. It’s not brain surgery, I know, and I […]

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Music Heals the Soul

When I was a kid, sometimes Mom would go out in the evenings and Dad would supervise our after-dinner activities, which consisted of fidgeting around while trying to complete homework  assignments on the dining room table, having a “bed-time snack” and then being wrestled into pajamas and teeth-cleaning routines. Kris and I would get pretty […]

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