Living la pura vida


It has been ages since I last wrote, but for good reason. Dave and I were busting our butts to get ready for our trip to Costa Rica! We were there for two whole weeks, which was amazing! It was a much needed break from work and daily life, and a reminder that life is so much more than what happens in our routine, ordinary days.

Of course this trip has given me TONS to write about. We made sure to have a healthy dose of adventure along with our relaxation time. We did a lot of hiking and looking around for monkeys and other wildlife. We visited a cacao farm and learned how to grow, harvest and ferment cacao properly. We saw a volcano, breathtaking waterfalls in the jungle, and beautiful sunsets over the ocean. We zip-lined, whitewater-rafted and even tried our hand at spelunking (wait until I get to THAT story).

In Costa Rica, a popular expression is “pura vida!”, which literally means “pure life”, but is said to express many positive things – kind of like how we’d say “awesome” or “cool”, but with deeper meaning. The way I understand it, the saying implies that life is good – we are enjoying the simple life, living in the moment, not fearing change or worrying about tomorrow.

Dave and I both agreed that we need to live a more “pura vida” life at home too. Not that we aren’t already pretty chill people, but some days it is very hard to avoid bringing home stress from work, or worrying about one thing or other. This trip was a good reminder to relax more at home and to enjoy and make the most of whatever life brings our way.

I’ll write about each place we visited and the things we did in more detail in future posts. We also took a bunch of GoPro videos, which I will also share, after we’ve had some time to edit them.

For now, here are some of the highlights:

Exploring the tide pools at Playa Ocotal
Relaxing in the shade at Playa Conchal
The gorgeous views from our hotel balcony
A refreshing waterfall on a hot day
Walking through the canopy
Eating typical Costa Rican food
Hiking the lava flows at Arenal
Volcan Arenal with no clouds!
Going for a swim in this turbulent (but amazing!) water beneath La Caterata Fortuna


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