New York, New York – The Intrepid 

Dave and I had Friday off, so we decided to make good use of the extra day and take a trip into the city. It’s only two hours away from us by train. It’s kind of silly that we don’t go more often. We’re going to make an attempt to visit regularly from now on.

We did a lot of things while we were there, and took a ton of pictures, so I’m going to break up the posts by location.  Our first stop was the Intrepid Sea, Air and Space museum.

But first, we found a little Brazillian restaurant called Rice and Beans, which was where we had lunch.

Dave loves rice and beans!


Then it was on to the Intrepid, which is an aircraft carrier that fought in WWII, the Cold War and Vietnam.

My dad said it looks like Dave is pulling the Intrepid in this picture. 


A lego model of the Intrepid


I’m gonna assume this warning is now irrelevant.

We also went in the USS Growler, which is a 50’s-era cruise missile submarine.


Leave it to me to smash my kneecap while attempting to climb through this doorway.


I call dibs on the top bunk. I would hyperventilate to death on the bottom.


What happens if I press this button?


Ok, I don’t want the top on this set of beds. Or any of them, really.


No lie, there were more beds next to this.



Anyone for a game of checkers to avoid contemplating death in this sardine can 2,000 leagues under the sea?

The Intrepid also has a Space component, but we were too cheap to pay for that part. Although now that I look at the website, I see that it looks pretty cool. Maybe next time.

NEXT UP- we go on a night time bus tour of the Big Apple!


5 thoughts on “New York, New York – The Intrepid 

  1. Sounds like a great visit to the city! We have a ship p, USS Midway, that has been turned into a museum in San Diego bay. It is quite interesting …..


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