Good Day, Sunshine!


A flower stand in Amsterdam
It’s been a little longer than usual since I last wrote. My whirlwind trip to Germany was just that – a spin through the Rhineland. Despite the lack of time, the trip was really enjoyable. I was impressed by the variety of food options. 

Before I went, everyone was telling me I wouldn’t find any vegetarian options. According to my wise advisors, everyone over there just feasts on pork all the time and they would laugh in my face if I asked for something without meat in it. Knowing the people who told me this (meat lovers themselves), I took the information with a grain of salt. Or a dash of salt, really. 

Of course there were vegetarian options. I had curry, pasta, plenty of salads and vegetables,  amazingly delicious breads and more. Come to think of it, I can’t recall being hungry at all except for the one morning I slept too late to get breakfast. 

I also got a kick out of the landscape there. It looked very British to me, except for the incomprehensible German signs. I really had no idea how illiterate I was in German until I got there. Or how fluent in Spanish I am in comparison. 
A lot of the apartments I saw had potted plants on their decks, and the people I spoke to told me about their gardens and horses and making bread from scratch. It was almost like I was back in Vermont. Except with everyone speaking with German accents. 

My only complaint, really, was that the bottled water was all sparkling mineral water. You could get flat or still water if you asked, but even that was mineral water and tasted like… minerals. It tasted like alka seltzer.  It usually came in pretty glass bottles though.  


Well, I had written more here but for some reason when I pushed “publish” it disappeared. So this is it for now. I have to get to work! I’ll try not to be so long before writing again. 


3 thoughts on “Good Day, Sunshine!

  1. Glad you found food to eat! i come from a German family and there are always options! were you in Northern Germany or Southern? that makes a difference as well! thanks for sharing…


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