Vegas, Shmegas

Vegas. What can I say. It seems you can wear anything (or close to nothing at all) and it’s okay. Anything goes. If you’ve got it, flaunt it. Hell, everyone here is flaunting it, but most of it you’d rather not see. 

Everywhere you walk there are homeless people. I’ve seen them begging, sleeping, or just chilling on the sidewalks. A lot of them are really young, like late teens or 20-somethings. 

Then there are the smells. I keep picking up on this distinct sense of putrescence but most of the time as you are walking by the casinos, it smells really good. I think I read somewhere that they pump out perfumes so entice you to come in. Of course then you get in and there is all the cigarette and cigar smoke in the casinos. It’s like walking into 1975. 

Most of the people who work in the casinos look weathered and miserable. Actually, the worst looking people I’ve seen are the ones who hand out the cards for the strip clubs. It’s entirely possible that some of them are crack addicts. I guess it doesn’t take much skill to do that job and they probably don’t get paid much for it. 

Today I slept in until 8:30 and ordered room service so I could stay in and do some work. I haven’t been feeling all that great the whole time I’ve been here. Luckily I brought my Excedrine so that is what’s been getting me through. So it was nice that today I didn’t need to go out until later. 

Later… I had to carry a box of giveaways and some other stuff over to Caesars for a cocktail hour that we were hosting. I wore a cute skirt that I bought on a whim when I was actually supposed to be buying pants. Minimalism fail…   Anyway, I got a couple of catcalls from some of the panhandlers so I guess it was working for me. Hahah. Werk.  

I look beat. And one-legged. I got it goin on!

So anyway, Caesars was ridiculous. Here I was silently making fun of the Paris for being so kitschy and then I arrive in fake Ancient Rome.

If my arms hadn’t been full of stuff I would have taken pictures of all the sculptures so that you could see for yourself, but I managed to get the above shot of some of the pools once I got inside. The place is massive.  

One of the hallways in the conference center.

I was thrilled with the food selection tonight. I was finally able to eat a good meal. For our cocktail reception, there was a salsa bar, which was delightful. Then the buffet dinner had mostly vegetarian items, so I did a dance of joy. It’s been a challenge to find food at the Paris which hasn’t been sprinkled with bacon or some other meat products. I guess next time I’ll have to stay at Caesars. (LOL)

Well I think that is about it. I didn’t do much exploring today. I am sure Vegas would be a lot more fun if Dave was here with me or if I was here with friends. Also if I didn’t feel like poop.  

Tomorrow I must rise early to get to the airport. I fly to Chicago and once again will have a very brief layover, so I hope that goes smoothly as it did on Sunday. I can’t wait to be home again. As much as I enjoy traveling and seeing different places, I definitely feel like I belong in New England.   

I’m going home soon!

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