Vegas Trip… Part 2

Whee… It’s 2 am and for many people here, that means the night is still young.  I’m kind of impressed with myself that I made it this far. If I was at home right now, my alarm would be going off to wake me up for work. Weird. 

Ok, so this evening we had to pack up our trade show booth, which took all of 20 minutes, but then consisted of waiting for another half an hour for the guys to bring out our crate so we could pack it up. Fortunately one guy was nice and he found our crate for us and brought it earlier than they would have otherwise. If that makes any sense. 

Most of my fellow employees had dinner plans with customers, so it was down to me and one other person.  We strolled over to the Bellagio again to look for a place to eat, but also to look at the fountains. We walked a lot.  Every five minutes someone was shoving coupons for strip clubs in our faces and offering us sweet deals for adult themed activities. Of course we declined. 

We finally ended up eating at a bar in our own hotel. Afterwards I convinced him to take another walk back to the Bellagio so I could look at the fountains again. (Honestly, I might just go back over there after I finish this blog post, even though I am in yoga pants and a tank top.)


I could watch all night.
While we were waiting for the next show to being, my coworker told me to have a look behind me on the sidewalk, where a bunch of people had gathered. This is what they were looking at:


Hey guys, I’m just gonna float around here for a bit.
The witch was a real person and not a statue or anything. Every once in a while she would move her hand or lift her head and look around. I know how this trick works, but still it was quite creepy to see. Plus, I am not entirely sure how the whole setup was balancing on that small end, unless it was actually shoved into a hole in the sidewalk. 

After watching another fountain show, we headed back to our hotel and met up with our other coworkers. A few drinks later, three of us then went out and checked out the Harrods Carnival Court nightclub, which was fun. Again, while walking, we kept getting propositioned for various bargain strip clubs and the like. We also saw an interesting array of people. I did not take pictures of them, but we saw a Hello Kitty, a guy in police shorts with rainbow-colored hairy boots, several showgirls, a pair of playboy bunnies, Alan from the Hangover,  and Marilyn Monroe standing over an air duct so her skirt was blowing up around her. 

Should I even be telling you this, or is it violating the “What Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas” rule?

In any case, it was another interesting evening. 

Now I am back in the room, rehydrating. I was advised before coming to get a portable humidifier. So I did, and I think it’s really helping. Even my right eye (which usually feels like a raisin when I wake up) has been feeling pretty fresh in the mornings. 

My nightly hydration setup…
The only complaint is that the humidifier has an extremely bright blue LED indicator so it’s like blinding me as I try to sleep. My dad always says that light doesn’t bother him when he’s trying to sleep because he just “closes his eyes.”  Well for some reason even with my eyes closed, I can sense that there is light in my bed chambers and it displeases me. 

Ok. I really must get to sleep!


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