Colorado Trip, Day 4 – Celestial Seasonings

Today we started off with a trip to Celestial Seasonings. It was not as fun as the Ben and Jerry’s tour, but perhaps that’s a given. It was nice though. Some of the interesting things I learned were: 1. Herbal tea is technically not tea if it doesn’t contains actual tea leaves. It’s an herbal infusion.  2. They have to store the peppermint (and other mints) and the white tea in separate rooms from all the other herbs and teas because the white tea would absorb all the other flavors, and the mints would contaminate everything else. We got to go in the mint room. The menthol was overpowering. It would be great place to go if you had a head cold!  3. Boulder, Colorado is Celestial Seasonings’ only packaging plant. 

Celestial Seasonings… on Sleepytime Drive

Driving to and from Celestial Seasonings, we noticed that the field around it was full of thistle.  Gorgeous!

View outside Celestial Seasonings!

Upon closer inspection, it was also full of prairie dogs. They did not want to participate in a photo shoot, but I am a jerk and took pictures of them anyway. 

Prairie dog!!

We then got lunch at a local deli which had some delicious vegan options. We decided to head to the University of Colorado and check out their planetarium. We didn’t really have time to see a show, so we just looked at their lobby display, which was a bit dull. 

We thought we’d check out their art gallery instead, but once we finally found it (in the rain, nonetheless), we discovered it was closed! So we decided to just cut our losses and head down to Aurora. 

After a rainy and traffic-laden commute, we finally made it to Aurora. We soon met up with other NFED families who will be participating in various research studies tomorrow. Tonight we all had dinner together and signed the consent forms for the biopsies tomorrow. 

But the best part was getting to see some of my NFED buddies, and my Ally girl! We said we are going to get matching buttcheek biopsies tomorrow. In reality, I will likely do upper arm, but we’ll see what happens… More on that tomorrow. 

Reunited with Ally!

Once we were back in the hotel, I had a few drinks with my EEC pals. I think the altitude may cause the alcohol to affect me more than usual. Two glasses of wine and I am three sheets to the wind. I can only hope that this blog post is not horribly misspelled and inappropriate. I guess I’ll find out when I read it in the morning.  For now, I am off to bed! 


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