A Call for Healing Vibes

Last night I spoke with my sweet friend Norma, who is featured in the documentary posted here.

It was so nice to hear her voice again. I don’t really talk with people on the phone much anymore, since most everyone is available by Facebook, email or text. I’m thinking I’m going to have to change that, because talking with Norma made my heart soar and brightened up my day. (Is that corny? I don’t care, it’s true!)

Norma is has been dealing with a corneal erosion for months now. Others with EEC have had similar experiences. Because we lack the proper glands in our eyes, our eyes do not produce adequate lubrication and therefore cannot heal as easily as the eyes of people without EEC.

Her erosion is so bad that she can’t see and has lost her independence. She has been staying at her sister’s house instead of her own. Of course she is unable to use the computer and so has not been able to keep up with people on Facebook or email.

As of this week, she’s begun using a different eye drop and it seems to be helping. Hopefully it is exactly what the cornea needs to heal and stay healed.

I just wanted to put a call out to all my NFED friends and friends of this blog to say a little prayer, or send some positive vibes in Norma’s direction. I am keeping my fingers crossed and my thoughts uplifted that her eye will heal soon.

So much love, Norma!

The MacDonald clan and me at the 2012 NFED Conference in Orlando
The MacDonald clan and me at the 2012 NFED Conference in Orlando

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