Throwback Thursday – Bonus Edition!

Hi there! So I was going through some of my journals looking for future Throwback Thursday posts (because it’s easier than creating new content) and I came across this one from just two years ago. I hope it gives you a chuckle.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Well, today confirmed what I’d always suspected was true: a GYN exam performed by a male doctor is more awkward than one by a female doctor. Perhaps it was the moment when, as I lay with breast exposed, he began rubbing his hands together vigorously like he was about to dive into a good meal. I realize he was merely trying to ensure that he wouldn’t give me a chill with cold hands, but the movement was so awkward that I almost burst out laughing right then and there.

Also, when approaching my vag, he would run the back of his hand down my inner thigh. I guess it was to alert me to his presence, but it was SO WEIRD. I mean it was vaguely stimulating! Maybe that was the idea – if the vag is happy, it won’t mind accepting a speculum? Ew!

The rest of the exam was fine, I suppose. I tried not to feel awkward, but he was younger than I had expected. At least he wasn’t my age, because that would have made it 1,000 times worse.

– – – – –

Editor’s note: I did not return to that doctor. He was a general practitioner and I thought it would be easy to just throw in a GYN exam with my regular physical, instead of going to two different appointments. But no. I later found a male GYN who was not awkward, and I actually like him better than my previous female GYN because he doesn’t ask me when my boyfriend is going to propose or when I plan to have children. (Judgy much?)


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