Throwback Thursday – Little House on the Prairie

If I've ever loved anything in my life it has been the Little House books. Last year, my mom gave me a new book, Pioneer Girl: The Annotated Autobiography, and I was once again able to connect with a kindred spirit from so long ago. The book contains some early drafts of Little House in the Big … Continue reading Throwback Thursday – Little House on the Prairie

Throwback Friday – It’s Potty Time

Due to technical difficulties, I was unable to complete yesterday's Throwback Thursday (look for it next Thursday...) So I hereby present a special Throwback Friday, to 1981, where a one-year-old me was already learning to multitask. I found this picture in one of Gram's photo albums shortly after she died. It brought back a flood … Continue reading Throwback Friday – It’s Potty Time

Throwback Thursday – Highlights from 1993

For today's Throwback Thursday, we'll take a little stroll back to 1993 by cracking open the pages of my padded, tropically-festooned journal. I was 12 when I transcribed the following: January 31, 1993 (talking about a youth weekend I had just been to) ... on the way back from lunch we had a snowball fight and were … Continue reading Throwback Thursday – Highlights from 1993