Fear not, dear blog-readers.  I have not abandoned you.  I’ve been otherwise occupied, and admittedly I am stalling a little.  There are things I want to write about that are not really EEC-related and I’m having an internal debate about whether it’s a good idea to expand the scope of this blog to just being about Me, Myself, and I in all aspects, rather than always trying to tie things into “because I have EEC, this affects me a certain way”.

It’s difficult to decide what to share online and what to keep to myself.  By nature I would just share everything and be open and free.  But out of respect for the people in my personal life, that isn’t really an option. Not to mention that I failed at keeping this blog anonymous when I linked it to my Google+ page and now everyone can figure out my name within two seconds.

One reason I’ve been less active online lately is that I am in the midst of switching positions at work.  I’m really excited about the transition but don’t feel at liberty to talk about it in much detail yet.  More significantly, something that has kept me silent lately is that my beloved Gram died two days after Christmas.  I’ve been writing a ton in my personal journal (old school pen & paper, that is) but I am still not ready to really share much online.

Last visit with Gram
Visit with Gram – December 2013

I was lucky to be able to visit Gram one last time just a few weeks before she died.  She was very tired and weak at that point.  She didn’t want to eat anything, and spent much of the visit dozing off in the chair. My cousins (the two other women in the photo above) were with her again in the days right before she died.  I’m glad that they were with her, and hope that gave Gram some comfort in her last hours.

So writing projects ahead include sharing how Gram was a formative figure in my life and how I will remember her.  I also keep thinking about self esteem and self image, and really want to write a lot about that.  So please, check back again soon.  Getting this blog really going is one of my goals for the year.



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