After being given a set of little 4″ x 4″ canvases for Christmas, I wondered what should be painted on them. Pithy inspirational statements? Funky Zentangle-inspired designs? No. Let’s take some things that are very large, and paint them onto something very small.

Hence, the series of planetary bodies that I was inspired to paint. This was done over a few weekends. Each painting took less than an hour, but was such a joy to do. I had to go out and get more canvases after the first four. As you can see, I didn’t paint Saturn. Neptune or Uranus… because, as often happens, my attention is drawn to something else. But perhaps one day I will paint them, or at the very least Saturn, because that would be a fun one!

Scroll down to view the collection. I’d love to hear what you think!


Earth. Acrylic on 4×4 black canvas


Moon. Acrylic on 4×4 black canvas


Mars and Venus. Acrylic on 4×4 black canvas


Mercury. Acrylic on 4×4 black canvas


The Sun. Acrylic on 4×4 black canvas