Give me time…

Hello there, friendly friends!

I have so much to write about and for some reason lately I have felt like I have NO time to blog. Or perhaps I just have no energy left, after all the adventuring we’ve been doing.

Let’s see. My brother John got married to his longtime girlfriend Cara on 7/1/17.

The happy couple.

Then, Dave and I spent a few more days up in VT, exploring and relaxing. Since we’ve been back in CT, we’ve been busy keeping up with our two furballs, whose job seems to be depositing hair and vomit throughout our home. Lovely.

This week I am on vacation. I figured I could use a few days to putter around the house and get some stuff done that I never seem to have the strength for after a long day at work. Yesterday I spent most of the day prepping and practicing for a speech I was to give at Toastmasters last night. It went well and I got lots of good feedback.

On Thursday I am heading down to DC for the NFED Conference and the Rally for Ally, and then flying back home on Saturday night.

I have great intentions of doing a dedicated blog post for each of the above events, and I have scheduled the next two hours to work on that… so off I go!


Tell me what you think!

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