10 Minute Write

In one of my high school English classes, the teacher often started class with a “10 Minute Write” based on something we had been reading or discussing at the time. 

These pieces of writing were never anything spectacular on their own but often served as a rough draft for something else. I loved having the opportunity to just sit quietly for 10 minutes and let my hand do the talking.  (I basically spent any free time writing or drawing anyway!)

I was thinking that perhaps I’ll start doing that here. I need to find some good prompts that I can pull up and use as inspiration on the days when I’m not ruminating on anything in particular. Yes, my friends, I do sometimes take a break from rumination. 


I wrote this in the back of my business card because that was the only paper I had in the car. What kind of a writer am I?
As you read my blog, is there anything you would like me to write more about? A while ago I was asked to write about dating and I confess that I’ve had a hard time getting that post off the ground. I did write something on the NFED blog about dating but I cringe when I read over it. I don’t know why it is such an awkward topic for me. Perhaps I need to investigate that further with my therapist. Hah. 

But really. If there’s something missing here please let me know. I will do my best to answer any questions or to share my experiences on the topic.

Please post in the comments section or email me – heatherNFED at gmail dot com. 

Peace, love and happiness to you!


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