10 Minutes in the Park

Dear blog readers, 

I crave writing so much that I had to sneak away from work for a few moments so I could be alone and quiet and indulge in this behavior. 

I don’t like living this way. When I was younger I pictured myself living a calm and quiet life as a writer/artist/gardner. I know this is what I am made to do. Yet here I am, not doing that.

Sigh. I want to say so much more but I don’t want to incriminate myself by being specific. So I will post the video I watched last night that set me back on my spiral of longing for a life I am currently neglecting. 

Why You Should Never Get A Job
This video doesn’t reveal anything that’s news to me, but instead reminds me of what I have often dreamed of. Of having a life where I am free to get up in the morning and work on an art project or write something, or go outside and work in my garden or take a hike. Basically I want me life to be like my summer vacation when I was 16. 

I don’t know why this seems so impossible to me. What mental blocks do I have that are preventing me from doing something – anything – to start marketing my art, my writing and my other skills? I know money is the root of the problem. Like I just can’t imagine making enough money to sustain myself if I don’t have a full time job. How do I get past that hurdle?

Time to head back. Thanks for listening, Internet.  

Here’s a picture of my cat for your time. 



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