Colorado Trip, Day 2 – Garden of the Gods

Today we started off with a quick stop to the marijuana dispensery. Well, just the outside… I guess they’re closed on Sundays.

Note the convenient drive-thru area.

The highlight of today was visiting Garden of the Gods.

View from the visitor center

We decided to take a Jeep tour so we could see more of the park and learn about the history and the geology.

Frog Toggs are the must-have accessory this season

I took approximately 500 photos during the trip and unfortunately the wifi at the hotel we are staying at tonight is not cooperating. So here are a few highlights.


Our Jeep driver stopped to get us real Manitou Spring water. I thought it tasted like Alka Selzer
The Hemp Store
Note the slanted bottom. This was to keep the boiler level during ascent.

I took a ton of flower photos too. You know how I love flowers!

Thistle bud
Well hello there!

After our Jeep ride we went for a hike but by then the clouds had gathered and it began to rain.

We went and checked into the hotel and promptly took a nap. Then we had a very late lunch/early dinner at a local brewery.

Now it’s 8pm here but since I didn’t sleep well last night and am still sort of on east coast time, I’m ready to hit the hay.

Tomorrow morning we are taking the cog rail up Pikes Peak and biking down. Woo hoo!


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