What My Friends Are Up To

Well, so much for writing more frequently! I’m still on my Facebook fast, but clearly that has not magically resulted in me writing more. One thing at a time though, right?

Right now I’d like to share with you what a couple of my EEC buddies are up to.

My friend Terri has started blogging about her experiences with EEC. Check out her blog, bamagirl eec and give her some support! 

Terri let me warm my feet under her buns one chilly evening.
Terri let me warm my feet under her buns one chilly evening.

Another friend, Jack Kriz, who lives out in Oregon, is commencing a 370 mile bike ride along the entire Oregon coast. He’ll be joined by his two brothers and using the ride to raise money for the NFED. Check out his page here and please donate if you can.

Jack on a bike!

Lastly, I just want to give a shout-out to all my young EEC buddies who will soon be returning to school. Even though I’m well past my school days, I still get a twinge of nervousness and excitement when I see the back-to-school signs in the stores.

Good luck, and shine on you crazy diamonds! 

EEC Buddies
Most of the EEC group from the conference last month.



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