A Life in the Dentist’s Chair

On a regular day, the history of my mouth isn't something I even think about, but the moment I walk into a dental office, that familiar smell nearly knocks me to my knees with dread. Memories of countless times before, sitting anxiously in the waiting room, flipping through magazines, wishing I was a model with naturally perfect teeth, wishing … Continue reading A Life in the Dentist’s Chair

Awkward Moments with Artificial Teeth

1. When you refer to your implants and people look questioningly at your chest. 2. Not being able to feel if you have spinach, seeds, bread - anything - stuck on, in-between or around your teeth. 3. Getting massive quantities of food stuck underneath the bridgework. 4. Needing to use a WaterPik to feel like … Continue reading Awkward Moments with Artificial Teeth