Awkward Moments with Artificial Teeth

1. When you refer to your implants and people look questioningly at your chest. 2. Not being able to feel if you have spinach, seeds, bread - anything - stuck on, in-between or around your teeth. 3. Getting massive quantities of food stuck underneath the bridgework. 4. Needing to use a WaterPik to feel like … Continue reading Awkward Moments with Artificial Teeth

Laughter… Better than Medicine

It is a crisp October night in 1984. I'm sitting at the kitchen table watching my mother struggle to cut shapes into a pumpkin, her brow furrowed in concentration. The mouth of this Jack-O'Lantern is lined with zig-zagging teeth and as Mommy slides the knife upward, it cuts through the pumpkin flesh and up into … Continue reading Laughter… Better than Medicine