Touchy Feet

My next toastmaster speech project is supposed to be a “touching speech,” It’s practicing  how to convey emotion through storytelling. Instead of just saying “Billy felt sad because he wasn’t invited to Joey’s birthday party”, you’d tell the story of Billy watching his friends pass by on their way to Joey’s party and wondering why […]

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Show Me Your Hands

Yesterday I found out that one of my followers on Instagram is a devotee.  Shit. I knew this might happen when I went public with the blog and put a couple of videos on YouTube.  My first reaction to finding out that someone is looking at pictures of me solely because they think my deformed […]

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Lobster Girl

No one’s ever called me a lobster girl, at least not to my face. Dave and I recently started watching Carnivale, the short-lived HBO series about a traveling carnival in the 1930’s. I’m hooked already! In one episode, the main character, Ben, is sent out to find a lobster girl to bring back to the […]

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Throwback Thursday

I’ve decided to liven things up by doing a weekly “Throwback Thursday” post. It will consist of photos, journal pages, and who knows what other mementos I will dig up. Hope you enjoy! My mom and I were being silly as I got ready for bed. I probably asked her to play with my hair and […]

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