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What Made Me Me (So Far)

Yesterday I asked for topic requests and Dennis suggested writing a post about the 5 major events that have shaped my life and why.

This is my pensive face.

What a cool idea! I immediately began thinking about which events or moments I would tell you about. What I came up with aren’t exactly events in the sense that there was a clear beginning and end to each of them, so I will call them influences. How’s that?

Here’s the list I came up with, in chronological order.

1. Being raised Christadelphian

2. Moving to Vermont at 16

3. Losing my Religion

4. Going to UCONN

5. Finding my NFED Family

There are a few more things that have deeply impacted my life but since they involve other people, I am respecting their privacy by not mentioning them. Although I would like to share, they are not my stories to tell. At least not yet.

Anyway! So each of the five influences mentioned above will be expounded upon further in future blog posts.

Stay tuned!