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It’s Friday, I’m in love

Lunchtime post!

I’m sitting in my car at the trusty old park. It’s about 65 degrees today and I thought I’d sit at a picnic table for once and enjoy the weather, but the wind kept trying to blow the lid from my hummus container off the table and it was a little chilly, so here I am back in the car. 

I am feeling pretty happy lately with all this springlike weather, although it is pretty weird for it to be so mild in early March. I also got a nice pay raise at work, so I’m feeling a little relief there too. I’m actually going to pay off one of my student loans, which feels great as long as I don’t think too much about the other loans that are left. 

One of my coworkers said something the other day that I’ve been thinking about and I wanted to share it here and hear (or read) your feedback. 

We had a group of VIPs visiting our site and this coworker and I lead them on tours of our campus. Afterward, she made a comment about one of them talking to her “until he realized I was nobody important.” A few days later, she mentioned something about us being nothing but minions. 

Hey now! While the first comment did make me laugh, after several more disparaging remarks from her I began to wonder just how low on the totem pole she thinks she is.

In contrast it made me think about how I often don’t even pay attention to status. I mean of course I comprehend that C-level executives are more experienced and make a lot more money than I ever will, but I don’t assume that they look down on my and consider me a minion. 


What’s so bad about being a minion anyway?
I guess the way I see it is that we are all humans. We all have our struggles and our triumphs. So what if someone is a “VIP” in the business world? It’s entirely likely that they are burned out or are suffering from a failed marriage thanks to all their hard work on the job. Who knows. 

Of course I say this with a lot more experience than she has. There was a time when I worked as a receptionist and I felt like such a loser the whole time. No one tried to make me feel like a loser, I just felt like I must be one for not having used my college education to get a better job.  

A lot of water has gone under the bridge since those days though. Nowadays I am just happy to have a steady job and one that allows me to travel and see different places. I focus more on having a good relationship with Dave and keeping our little house cozy and comfortable. 

For the most part I don’t care what people think of me anymore. Of course it is nice to be appreciated and to be noticed by the C-level crowd is certainly not a bad thing. But if anyone looks down on me for not having a fancier title or living a more extravagant lifestyle, well, that’s their problem. 

What do you think? Do you feel like you have to climb higher to be valued? Or are you happy where you are?  


A Mouse in the House

Yesterday was a gorgeous spring day and literally the first day of 2015 that we could leave the house in short-sleeved shirts. Of course we spent most of the day outside, cleaning up all of the sticks that fell through the winter and raking up all of the leaves that had been plastered to the ground beneath all the snow.

Spring is really here!
Spring is really here!

One of our spring cleaning projects was to clean up our sunroom (or Florida room, as my Dad calls it). Throughout the winter, this room acts as our catch-all for anything that we don’t have room for in the house. After the long, dark months of winter, it can get pretty scary out there.

So yesterday, Dave spent several hours cleaning the room and getting it ready for warm weather. His ultimate goal is not that he and I should have a nice place to relax and put our feet up, but that the cats will have somewhere new to sun themselves.

I'm going to touch you!
I’m going to touch you!

In the late afternoon, after we had completed our yard work and various projects, I went into the kitchen to begin making dinner. Dave left the sunroom door open so the cats could explore this room that they hadn’t seen since last fall.

As I laid the cutting board on the counter and prepared to cut vegetables, I saw Sophie (the black cat) walk into the kitchen in my peripheral vision. Absentmindedly, I greeted her. I turned to look at her and saw that she was holding something in her mouth. Something brown and plump, with shining, beady black eyes. My first thought was “Wow, that’s a realistic looking mouse toy! I wonder where she found that?”

Then, unconsciously, I began to scream. The screams rose up out of my chest like they had a life of their own. I couldn’t stop myself. Sophie dropped the mouse on the floor and began batting it around like a toy. I screamed louder and pranced around like I was barefoot on hot coals.

Dave, meanwhile, was in the shower and could only hear a hint of my screaming. I imagined that he would come running out in a towel, dripping wet, to rescue me, but he did not. (Good thing I wasn’t actually being attacked!)

Finally, I came to my senses and grabbed Sophie from behind. She struggled and fought, but I was able to get her away from the mouse. I threw her into the living room and returned to see the mouse escaping beneath a cabinet.

I have always thought (quite proudly) that I was not one of those women who would scream and make an exaggerated fuss when exposed to a flying insect or spider. I’ve taken entomology classes. I know insects can be beneficial and harmless. In fact, we have a spider that lives in our bathroom, and I let her reside there because I’m cool like that.

But somehow, a cute little mouse in my house will cause me to lose my mind.