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Overheard on our Saturday Walk…

“She used to work as a dental assistant, but she had a workplace injury and hasn’t been able to work again…”

Our curiosity piqued, Dave and I walk silently as we pass the pack of older women walking on the linear trail. I’m envisioning a drill gone rogue, or maybe a brutal severing of phalanges in the jaws of a patient.

The woman continues,

“She got her foot caught in all those wires and cords that hang down, and then she fell and smacked her head on the counter and got a concussion! She’s never been the same”

The gaggle of women coo sympathetically.

While I feel bad for the injured woman, I am genuinely disappointed it didn’t make for a more interesting story. I think I’ll stick with the image of a drill gone rogue and terrorizing everyone in the dental office.