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Austin Trip, Day 2

What is with this bed? I just sat down to bang out this quick blog post and I want to just lay down and sleep immediately. 

There’s not a whole lot to write about today.  We were in a conference room most of the day, but it was rainy anyway so I don’t feel so bad about not getting out. We’re staying at the Omni at Barton Creek, which is quite lovely. They are definitely playing up the Texas theme here. My room has a chair made out of a cow. 


Not a vegan chair.
I stayed at an Omni in Houston for an NFED conference a couple of years ago and I don’t recall it feeling Texas-y at all. I just remember the cool terrariums in the lobby and a wall by the pool that appeared to be peeing. It was nice though. 

Anyway. This evening we went to The County Line BBQ for dinner. Everyone was asking me what I planned to eat there. Honestly I had no idea. I would have been content to just munch on the appetizers and sides- there was coleslaw, potato salad, bread, baked beans (though I’ve always thought baked beans were gross). They made me a baked potato and two skewers of grilled vegetables. It ended up being a lot of food for me! And then they brought out the pecan pie. I did not leave hungry. 

Tomorrow we are venturing to a little town called Gonzales. Our company has a manufacturing facility there so we will get a tour and some lunch. It’s going to be an hour and a half ride on a bus. Yikes! Everyone jokes about how there is nothing there, but I just looked it up online and there are some cool historic buildings. 

I guess we’ll see! Now I am going to succumb to this giant fluffy bed. 

Austin Trip, Day 1

Hello! I made it safely to Austin. I am going to try to make this quick, as I’ve been up since 4 am.  Really, that’s only an hour earlier than usual wake-up time but somehow it seems extreme.

I always feel a bit degraded when I go through security. Shoeless, belt less (which for me means nearly pantsless), posing with my arms up in the scanner.  It’s just awkward. Actually the most awkward part for me is the scramble to put myself back together once everything comes through the X-ray machine. I usually gather my belongings and walk to a bench so I can put my shoes on without trying to balance my carry-on and my backpack all at once.

Anyway. For this trip I decided to bring some zentangle tools. I wanted to keep it light, so instead of bringing my sketchbook plus all my pens and stuff, I pared it down to a handful of paper tiles and just the essential pens. I remembered I had a little pouch I’d been given at the Denver airport, which just so happened to be the perfect size to carry all my stuff.


My travel Zen kit. Thanks for the pouch, Denver!

I also had two fresh Brené Brown books to listen to. The first one turned out to not actually be a book but a speech. It was called Men, Women and Worthiness, the experience of shame and the power of being enough. It was about shame, obviously, and how it is the root of a lot of issues that people have, such as perfectionism, addiction and even aggressive behavior.

While I listened to that, I dew a couple of zentangles. This one is my favorite of the day:

I’m always trying to use all the colors in one drawing.

The other audio book I had was The Gifts of Imperfection. I only just started that one toward the end of the trip so I’ll comment on that later.

So anyway, here I am in Austin. We went out to a wine bar called The Grove for dinner. It was really good and had a cool atmosphere.

I’m so beat now, I’m going to drop my phone on my face if I don’t put it down now.

So long.


Auf Wiedersehen.